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15 Queer Things to Watch Online

15 Queer Things to Watch Online

Here’s our list of must see films and series now showing on Netflix and Showmax.


  • Kanarie 

Drafted into the South African army during apartheid, a young soldier joins the military’s traveling choir, and romance on the battlefield causes him to deal with his long-repressed sexual identity. Great South African coming of age, coming out story

  • Gentleman Jack

Historical drama about Anne Lister, sometimes called the First Modern Lesbian, who acts and dresses like a man and who leaves a trail of fluttering feminine hearts in her wake. Based on her long lost diaries, written in code to mask her true inclinations towards the fairer sex.

  • A Very English Scandal – fact-based three-part British television comedy-drama miniseries based on John Preston’s book of the same name. British Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe is accused of conspiracy to murder his gay ex-lover and forced to stand trial in 1979. Very funny and horrifying at the same time
  • Below Her Mouth 

Jasmine is a successful fashion editor living with her fiancé. On a night out in the city with her best friend, she meets Dallas, a roofer recently out of a relationship. Surprised by the confidence with which Dallas pursues her, Jasmine turns Dallas down but can’t get her out of her head. When Jasmine finally succumbs, the two women embark on a steamy affair that forces them both to re-evaluate their lives.

  • Looking – Three best friends living in San Francisco share the nuances and complexities of contemporary gay relationships as they explore a variety of options, both in love and in life. They are unified by their close bond, but their search for happiness and intimacy has taken them on separate paths
  • Will & Grace Series 9 – This is the 2017 re-boot of the ground-breaking sitcom about the uptight Will, his best friend Grace, their campy friend jack and fag-hag supreme Karen. It’s as if they never left and still extremely funny
  • While You Weren’t Looking – Step into the lives of gays in a contemporary South Africa, where they are free to be who they are, yet face discrimination and danger every day…


  • Tales of the City

The long awaited re-boot of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City for the 21st Century reunites some of the most endearing characters who have inhabited San Francisco’s Bohemian 28 Barbary Lane. The landlady Mrs Madrigal turns 90 and the deeply buried secrets of her mysterious past are finally revealed. This limited series is very moving and deals with some of the modern issues facing the queer community. Also now showing on Netflix is the original 1992 Tales of the City, 1998’s More Tales of the City and 2001’s Further Tales of the City. For the uninitiated, it would be a good idea to watch these before watching the 2019 version

  • Special 

Ryan is a young gay man with cerebral palsy who bursts out of the confines of his condition and the limits society imposes upon him because of it to go after the life he wants. He figures out how to take his life from bleak to chic and has lots of hot sex on his way to independence.  It is based on the memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves by Ryan O’Connell, who also stars, writes, and executive produces this smart and funny series

  • Elisa & Marcela 

This film is inspired by the remarkable true story of the controversial 1901 nuptials between Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga, hailed as the first same-sex marriage in Spain. The women met at school where their friendship grows into a forbidden love that dares not speak its name. In 1901 Elisa adopts a male identity in order to marry the woman she loves, but their secret is exposed and they have to flee to Portugal. 

  • What/If 

 A neo-noir social thriller, where Anne Montgomery, a woman of extreme wealth makes young scientist Lisa a steamy proposal. The two best things in this stylish mini-series: Oscar winner Renée Zelwegger as the Cougar Tycoon, miles away from Bridget Jones, and the steamy gay sub-plot.

  • You Me Her –

Television’s first “polyamorous romantic comedy” centres on a couple whose waning sex life and a sequence of surprising turns are about to take their relationship in a direction neither could have imagined. An impulsive get-together between suburban husband Jack and neophyte escort Izzy eventually spins into a whirlwind three-way affair involving Jack’s wife Emma, who holds secrets of her own..

  • Eyewitness – 

When a teenage gay couple witness a triple murder, they will do anything to avoid being outed to their small Norwegian town. Nordic Noir at its best

  • Bonding – 

Tiff is a grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix. When she reconnects with former high school BFF Pete, a recently out gay man, she recruits the cash-strapped man to be her assistant — performing such tasks as cleaning up after her clients and serving as her bodyguard. 

  • Queer Eye Season 4 

This moving and uplifting show is more than a makeover. The Fab Five making a difference in people’s lives