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2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Following the recent introduction of the all new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is adding two additional models to the line-up – E 250 and E 400 4MATIC. The stylish new executive sedan with its distinct, emotive design and high-grade, exclusive interior, was successfully launched in the E 200, E 220 d and E 350 d guise. The new E-Class has numerous technical innovations that enable comfortable, safe driving on a new level plus a new dimension in driver assistance. The vehicle comes complete with infotainment and control systems offering an all-new experience. In conjunction with lightweight construction and optimum aerodynamic figures, the new E-Class sets the benchmark. An optional new multi-chamber air suspension system additionally ensures outstanding ride comfort together with first-class driving dynamics. The latest innovations, including the Active Lane-change Assistant which allows the driver to effortlessly steer into the selected lane, makes the E-Class the most intelligent saloon in the executive class.

New engine generation

At launch, the E 200 model of the new E-Class was introduced with a four-cylinder petrol engine while the E 220 d is powered by an all-new four-cylinder diesel engine. The E 350 d with six-cylinder diesel is also available.

Further newcomers are the E 300 rated at 180 kW with a torque of 370 Nm as well as the E 400 4MATIC, whose six-cylinder petrol engine delivers 245 kW with a torque of 480 Nm.

All engines for the new E-Class are equipped with the ECO start/stop function. The petrol engines meet the requirements of the EU 6 emissions standard, while the new OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine is already configured with future RDE limits in mind.

Nine-speed automatic transmission

All models available at market launch are equipped as standard with the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission. It enables fast gear changes and allows low engine revs, which has a particularly beneficial effect on efficiency and noise levels.

4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for the E 400

“This will be the first time Mercedes-Benz is offering a 4MATIC model in the E-Class range here in South Africa. The E 400 4MATIC is offered with 4MATIC as standard in the E 400,” says Govender.

With the combination of 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive and 9G-TRONIC: the single-stage transfer case is flange-connected to the 9G-TRONIC as its own system. With the new add-on solution, it has been possible to combine the advantages of both designs and enhance performance.

The torque continues to be distributed to the axles in a ratio of 31% to 69% in the case of right-hand drive vehicles.

The key benefits of 4MATIC all-wheel drive:

  • Dynamic and safe handling
  • More traction and driving stability on slippery surfaces, for example on snow and ice, thanks to the pre-lock with a pre-lock torque of approx. 50 Nm between the front and rear axle
  • Improved efficiency and reduced friction
  • Optimum adjustment of lubricant qualities and prevention of contamination by wear debris from the transfer case in the 9G-TRONIC thanks to separate oil and hydraulic circuits
  • No restrictions in the interior or load compartment as a result of the compact design

Suspension – sporty comfort

The suspension on the new E-Class offers agile driving pleasure on twisting roads as well as the highest level of ride comfort in this segment. The sedan comes with steel suspension as standard. Three suspensions with selective damping are available in conjunction with this system:

  • AGILITY CONTROL suspension with comfort tuning
  • AGILITY CONTROL suspension, lowered by 15 millimetres; included in Avantgarde Exterior
  • DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL: a sporty suspension with adaptive damping adjustment, lowered by 15 millimetres, which replaces the classic sports suspension

AIR BODY CONTROL multi-chamber air suspension

Alternatively, the new E-Class can be equipped with multi-chamber air suspension all round – the only car in its segment to offer this option. Advantages of this system: three chambers of different size in the spring struts of the rear axle and two in the spring struts of the front axle make it possible to control, in three stages, how stiffly the suspension reacts. In this way, the occupants enjoy soft basic suspension, and the secure feeling of good handling stability as the speed increases.

Furthermore, the highly sensitive and fast-responding AIR BODY CONTROL multi-chamber air suspension features all-round self-levelling for excellent ride comfort even with the vehicle loaded. It controls the ride height automatically depending on the speed and reduces fuel consumption on the motorway, for example, by lowering the vehicle. When driving on rough roads or access roads, the ground clearance can also be increased at the push of a button using the ride height adjustment switch.

The multi-chamber air suspension is augmented by a continuously operative, electronically controlled adaptive damping system. The damping at each individual wheel is adjusted fully automatically to suit the current driving situation and the condition of the road – such as in the case of evasive manoeuvres or on rough tracks. The system therefore delivers good road roar and tyre vibration characteristics, excellent ride comfort, and outstanding driving dynamics.

What’s more, a DYNAMIC SELECT switch in the cockpit enables the driver to select from four AIR BODY CONTROL modes: “Comfort”, “ECO”, “Sport” and “Sport +”. The additional “Individual” option allows drivers to configure their vehicle to suit their own preferences.

Next-generation driving assistance systems

Mercedes-Benz’s new assistance and safety systems enhance safety, comfort and driver assistance to new levels. Active Brake Assist is fitted as standard. It is able to warn the driver of impending collisions, provide optimum support with emergency braking and if necessary also autonomously apply the brakes. In addition to slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles, it can also detect pedestrians crossing the danger zone ahead of the vehicle. Likewise included as standard are ATTENTION ASSIST with adjustable sensitivity, which can warn the driver of inattentiveness and drowsiness, and Crosswind Assist, which can assist the driver by substantially reducing the effects of strong crosswinds to prevent the vehicle from drifting too far off track.


As with all Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, the new E-Class comes standard with the class leading PremiumDrive 6-year/100 000 km maintenance plan.

E 200 – R707 100 (142 g/km)
E 220 d – R759 100 (112 g/km – not liable for CO2 emission tax)
E 250 – R759 100 (142 g/km)
E 350 d – R958 300 (144 g/km)
E 400 4MATIC – R989 500 (189 g/km)