Weekly Male – Nick Bateman

Our hotty of the week this week is the international male super model, Nick Bateman. Nick Bateman was born in Burlington, Ontario. He graduated from Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada,
Weekly Male - Rob Evans

Weekly Male – Rob Evans

Super model Rob Evans was born in the UK and initially never thought he would ever be a model. Rob was discovered while he was training to be a boxer
Pietro Boselli

Weekly Male – Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli is an Italian born modelling stud who is primed for major success. With those eyes, lips and killer bod, it’s all but guaranteed. Not only does he have
Disney Fantasy Hunks

Disney Fantasy Hunks

If half naked men in Disney Fantasy scenes is your thing, this one is for you... Someone on popular social network Tumblr decided recently to get creative and place his

Of Kilts And Men

An age long fashion trend which have undeservedly not taken off among South African men yet is the glorious kilt. Above is but one set of photographs we hunted down