Exercise In The Great Outdoors

Many people seem to have forgotten in the modern age that fitness is something that can be done almost anywhere you want. Most of us compartmentalize our fitness to the
Killer Abs Fast

Killer Abs Fast

Here are 10 of the all-time best exercises for your abs. They will help you to whip that belly into shape. Just remember that without a proper diet and a
The Secret To A Sexy Butt

The Secret To A Sexy Butt

We all might feel the cold at the moment but our South African winter cannot last forever so its time to start working on our summer bodies already. Which better

Understanding The Gay Voyeur

Have you ever wanted to check out the hot neighbour while he's cleaning his pool? Have you ever fantasized about having sex in public? If so, you might have a

Exercise And Depression

Study after study has shown that gay and bisexual men are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than their heterosexual peers. This, in all likelihood, has nothing to