Leather Spirituality

Leather Spirituality

It's not uncommon to hear leather folk speak of a spirituality that arises from their life- and play-style. But if you are not among their ranks you might wonder what

Help Keep Children Warm

6th July, 2016 – Community Chest, a non-profit organisation that identifies and supports community welfare initiatives, is calling for support and donations from businesses and individuals to help raise funds to

Traveling To Anti-Gay Countries

Greetings QueerLife: After noticing some comments on Facebook about your news story Anti-Gay Emirates Blame SA I had to say a few words. I certainly respect if others feel differently about this

Lighting Up The Darkside

Call me old fashioned, but when I hear body modification, I think bulimia. I've just never been one for the genital piercings, or Sweet Jesus, those people that walk around

Changing Perceptions About Gays

We homosexuals have always been an offensive people, even when we don’t mean to be. Back in the early days before Stonewall, activists tried their best to be inoffensive and