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Knees back? Legs up?

Switching positions mid-process adds spice to your sex life, but if you're not in a sex-tech mood it can feel disruptive, in the absence of a good choreographer. Still, finding

Shoot And Load

Digital cameras have many advantages over film, not least of which is that you don’t have to share your pictures of yourself and your partner with the local photo booth
Getting Down On It - queerlife

Getting Down On It

We're often told that butt plugs enhance masturbation both by stimulating the anus and by exerting pressure from inside on the prostate, the male G spot. Result: bigger, harder erections

The Bulge In His Pants

Got this e-mail via the QL editor recently... Since its a question on a lot of people's lips, my answer follows below... Dear Queerlife I’m a twenty-something gay man living

Gay Friends With Benefits

Due to many requests regarding this topic, I decided to post my little purple rule book concerning friends with benefits or Fuckbuddies. Its about what I've learned over the years