Finding Your Match-queerlife

Finding Your Match

In matters of partner selection, it hardly needs saying that different men pursue different qualities, but can be worth remembering that different people desire and love in different ways. Reflecting
Its in his eyes-queerlife

It’s in his eyes

It happens in the oddest places. In a gay bar, okay, it’s expected, but then there'’s the train, the sidewalk, the hospital waiting room – even that mega-straight local pub
Fighting With Your Boyfriend-queerlife

Fighting With Your Boyfriend?

usually when we fight, and especially in relationships, it is our own internal anger and conflict we are expressing. Yes, there are times in life when we need to stand
Managing an Open Relationship-queerlife

Managing an Open Relationship

People are generally curious about the rules that people use in managing open relationships. It is always one of the first things people ask about open relationships. They are not