Sharing Your Life Away

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once famously said that privacy was no longer a “social norm” in a society that seemed compelled to share everything. But recent moves from Facebook signal

Doing The Rainbow

Many queer folk show their gay pride by wearing or displaying rainbow colors in a variety of forms- bracelets, necklaces, clothes, flags, bumper stickers, etc. Each color of the rainbow

A Queer Eye at Str8 Friends

Lets face it... If you’ve got a penis and an internet connection, you HAVE watched porn. If you’ve got a penis, an internet connection, and a desire to see other

Exposing Facebook Hoaxes

Hoaxes are all over Facebook and with users often encouraged or forced via hijacks and hacks to share and like content, it will often seem like the hoax has been

Queer South African Celebs

Despite a large percentage of South Africans still being homophobic, there are quite a few local celebrities who are out and proud and does not mind showing their support for