Lowdown on Body Hair

Us gay men have never felt weird about getting a facial or using multiple hair products, but now there's a new area of grooming to consider: Body grooming, or 'manscaping,'
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No Gay Golden Age

In history there never was a 'Gay Golden Age' and here is why. When faced with hardship, earlier generations of queer folk tended to escape into (romanticised) utopian pasts. But

Love And Fairy tales

When I was 16, I had a much older lover. He was poetic and went on and on about unrequited love. He didn’t think I could really love him because

Sex Murders, Straight and Gay

Prostitution is often called the oldest profession in the world, although I suspect politics came first. Of course, there are strong similarities between the two professions – we tend to

About The Gay Body Beautiful

Looking back at my in and out experiences in gyms over the past few years I've found that even the hunkiest of personal trainers will have body envy over someone