Do You Get Spring fever?

Come August, September and lasting through to sometimes November, a strange illness can set in. It’s a phenomenon that poets have documented for centuries. In a flurry of psychological and

Lowdown on Body Hair

Us gay men have never felt weird about getting a facial or using multiple hair products, but now there's a new area of grooming to consider: Body grooming, or 'manscaping,'
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No Gay Golden Age

In history there never was a 'Gay Golden Age' and here is why. When faced with hardship, earlier generations of queer folk tended to escape into (romanticised) utopian pasts. But

Love And Fairy tales

When I was 16, I had a much older lover. He was poetic and went on and on about unrequited love. He didn’t think I could really love him because

Sex Murders, Straight and Gay

Prostitution is often called the oldest profession in the world, although I suspect politics came first. Of course, there are strong similarities between the two professions – we tend to