The Only Dyke

Rather a lot of people ask me what it's like being the only gay in the village. Of course, I'm probably not - just the only out gay in it.
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Fun in Fundamental?

Some people can really make a person's eyeballs roll (and ask anyone, I am very good at rolling mine). I was sitting in the back of the office of one
Lesbian Resolutions

Lesbian Resolutions

Here's my all important Top 10, New Year's Resolutions for Lesbians. Use it wisely and don't forget who told you so. 1. Wear comfortable shoes. Now, you might think that all

How to Enjoy Failure

A Brief Guide to Slacking and Not Caring About It Enjoy failure - it's the best advice I know. That advice was handed out in the chatbox of a blog

Biphobia… WTF!

I have a problem with this particular stereotype - and I'm not saying everybody does it, but certainly enough to make it noticeable and worthy of a little rant. So,