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5 Style Mistakes No Gay Man Should Be Making

5 Style Mistakes No Gay Man Should Be Making

If a gay person makes a fashion mistake, he’s no longer the Supreme gay of the town, nor will he get the chance of becoming one. If you’ve seen American Horror Story: Coven, then you know that once a new Supreme rises, the old one loses its powers and starts to fade. This is definitely something that should not happen to you – and as we have our fashion and our style as our weapons, we really need to pay extra attention not to let everyone down, including ourselves. However, we are human after all, and it’s perfectly normal that we sometimes make mistakes. But what are the mistakes that we should completely avoid making?

No wrinkles on face – no wrinkles on clothes

If you don’t have wrinkles on your face, why would you, for the love of God Ariana Grande, have some on your clothes? This is definitely the number one mistake many gays make. Instead of letting your date or your friends see where and how your clothes were folded, always think in advance and iron all the necessary clothes. Even though sometimes it might seem that your clothes are not wrinkled, the light outside is a true enemy and can reveal even the most secluded wrinkles on your clothes. So yes – make sure to iron everything before going out, especially if you’re wearing a shirt. Having a shirt that’s wrinkled should be punishable by law.

Don’t mix teens and thirties

Yes, you are following the pop culture and the fashion trends of the moment, but unless you’re in your teens or twenties, you shouldn’t be wearing a cap or something that’s not appropriate for your age. Of course, there are people who can pull this look off, but honestly, there are not so many of them. Choosing jeans and a shirt or a t-shirt is always the safest option – everyone can wear these and look perfect. Also, make sure not to wear sleeveless tees unless you have killer arms – this can look quite cringey if you’re not a teenager and are thin.

Lack of accessories

In order to make any look better, we should always use the power of accessories. The most common accessory for guys is a good watch, so unless you have one – this is your chance to go and give this gift to yourself. You don’t have to break the bank for this as there are watches that are quite affordable and of very good quality. Also, pay attention to the details – choosing one of the many good men’s leather wallets is always a great option. A good wallet can make or break your look, no matter how seemingly unimportant it is.

Know your way around the suits

Every fashionable man (no matter of his sexual preferences) should own at least one great suit. Even though it might seem as too much to some, there are gay guys who love to wear suits not only in their offices, but on dates as well. If this is the case with you, make sure to have a well-fitted one. Having a suit that’s too baggy, too big or even too small for you will make you seem ridiculous and totally unattractive, not to mention quite unfashionable. Well-fitted suits do not only make you look better, but they will accentuate your figure in the best possible way.

Don’t overdo it

The last piece of advice is not to overdo it. There are plenty of bold pieces that you can wear (even according to your age), and many of them are quite popular at the moment, so it’s not advisable for anyone to mix and match bold pieces that simply don’t go together. If you’re choosing a bold and quite unique item of clothing, make sure to match it with something minimalistic and simple in order to produce the best look you can. Simplicity is very often quite attractive, and if you choose to spice it up a notch with something different – even better.

This doesn’t sound quite difficult, does it? After all, you can always turn to your fashionable friends who can help you out, and ask their opinion on a certain look.

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Queer Voices , The Homo Culture Magazines as well as Queerlife online magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.