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A Gay Mans Guide to Summer Vacation Packing

A Gay Man’s Guide to Summer Vacation Packing

Fellas, it’s true. The months during which we start planning our summer vacation are finally here *insert Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer here*! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a certain destination in mind (but make sure to choose a great LGBT destination if you want a real gaycation), but that doesn’t mean that we cannot go once again through the list of all the essential things that we will pack. Remember that it’s always good to travel lightly, and that there is a plethora of things that we often take with us not knowing (or knowing deep down) that we won’t need them. That being said, what are the most important things that we need to put aside for packing?

The swimwear runway

Obviously, the most important thing is to have your swimwear packed, and not just one kind. Make sure to have a couple of swimming shorts or speedos, as it’s very important to make an entrance (this will be slightly more difficult if you’re wearing the same swimwear every day). If you have a great body, make sure to bring speedos as they will accentuate your legs, abs and your ass, which is always a plus! However, if you’re not quite satisfied with your figure, don’t jump on the speedos just because they’re popular. There are amazing swimming shorts that are extremely fashionable and sexy.

That glowing skin

Apart from the swimwear that you need to plan in advance, make a list of all the necessary skincare products that you will be using once there. The most important product here is the sunscreen – it’s crucial to have a sunscreen with a high SPF factor as you don’t want to get burned and look ridiculous. Also, bring your cleansers and moisturizers and everything that you use daily. However, pay attention to focus on natural skin care products as these are of the best quality and will definitely help your skin stay in better condition. The sun and the sea water will do the rest! After all, why not? Natural skin care products are huge right now, so what you need to do is find a brand you believe in and try their products out on this holiday (if not before)

Day beast

Next up, make a list of all the combinations that you want to rock during the day. Bring all of your favorite shorts, tees and shirts with you and combine them with good, high-quality and comfortable sneakers. Also, don’t forget the accessories that you want, such as a good watch and sunglasses. You will also need flip flops and sandals, as these are not only meant to be worn on the beach – there are instances when these can look amazing. Finally, make sure that you have at least one pair of jeans and something long-sleeved as you never know when it will get chilly (the best idea would be to have a long-sleeved shirt, that can look quite dapper).

Night monster

Once you’ve finished with your daily wear, it’s time to think about all the sexy outfits you will rock during the night. This is very important as the dress code is extremely important to gay men, and many never mix their daily and evening outfits. Have all the best tees and shirts (if you want to impress) in your suitcase, with some cute bottoms that accentuate your figure. Also, bring your best shoes with you, or sneakers if you want to rock athleisure (however make sure they’re not the ones you’re taking with you on the beach).

The sexy stuff

And it wouldn’t be a gaycation without the sexy stuff only gay people have, right? So, if you want to Grindr a couple of days off on your summer destination, bring any sexy and cool underwear that you have. If you plan on visiting a gay party, you can always pack certain outfits that would be appropriate there, such as latex tops and bottoms, gold pants or a leather chest harness! Finally, don’t forget to bring condoms! Yes, sure, you can purchase them there, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry and always have at least one in your wallet.

Make sure not to forget anything, as the prices on summer destinations are slightly higher, so why would you spend extra dollars on something that you already have but forgot to pack? Be as it may, summer gaycations are always interesting, no matter what you bring with you. So, have a great trip!