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A True Believer

A True Believer

Adam Lambert sings for Cher

Cher’s fabulous year culminated in a tribute to the gay icon at the 41st Annual Kennedy Centre Awards on Boxing Day. From a cameo appearance in Mamma Mia 2: Here we go Again which spawned her own album of ABBA classics, to embarking on a new World Tour (remember Cher “officially” retired years ago,) the Pop Diva and Oscar winning actress has had a great year. She’s absolutely everywhere.  The Cher Show, a musical based on Cher’s life and career recently opened on Broadway to rave reviews and is expected to be followed up with a biopic and memoir in the near future. HONOURS

At the beginning of December, Cher was named as one of the recipients for the prestigious Kennedy Centre Honours, alongside  composer Philip Glass, country star Reba McEntire, jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter and actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, amongst others. The glamorous awards event was aired on CBS on 26th December, showcasing and celebrating the art of each of the honours recipients. During the television special, Adam Lambert took to the stage to perform an acoustic rendition of Cher’s hit Believe.

It’s hard to out-diva the biggest diva of them all. But Adam Lambert did pretty well with a stunning ballad version of Cher’s biggest hit, Believe. Then it was the turn of Cyndi Lauper who performed a spirited If I Could Turn Back Time, and the two later teamed up for a performance of Sonny & Cher’s hit I Got You Babe.

Lambert, who as backed by a full orchestra for the performance, transformed  Believe, the1998 Billboard Hot 100 Number 1 dance pop smash with its signature Auto Tuned vocals, into an emotional, tear-jerking show-stopper. The song swept to a crescendo with one of Lambert’s signature sustained high notes, which seemed to impress the typically unflappable Cher (who appeared to mouth the word “wow”), earning the Queen singer a standing ovation from the packed house, as well as a little tear from the original pop idol herself.
Taking to Twitter as the event aired, Cher said she was “overwhelmed” by the emotional performance. Responding to Cher’s tweet, Lambert tweeted that it was “a total honour” to perform the track, which any gay man will tell you is the I Will Survive of the Nineties.