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A Younger You?

In the world of extreme beauty treatments Facelifts are fast going out of fashion. That telltale ‘pulled up’ Liberace look is now such a turn-off that most people would say no to the surgeon’s knife these days, even if plastic surgery was offered for free.

So what are the alternatives for younger looking skin?

Feed your face

Your kitchen could hold the key to younger, firmer skin. Pour freshly extracted pineapple juice in an ice cube tray and place overnight in the freezer. Next day, pass the ice cube over clean skin. Leave for no more than five minutes and wash off. Pineapple enzymes help elasticity, improve hydration, and exfoliate to reveal radiant fresh ‘facelifted’ skin.

Mask it

Pop on a firming, lifting mask before a big night out and knock off a few years before you hit the town.

Do the puffer fish

Working the ‘buccinator’ muscles in the cheeks will help lift and firm your face. Puff out your cheeks and gently begin tapping them with your hands. Do this twice. Feel the muscles aching? Then it’s working!

Perk up with peptides

Peptides in your regime can help lift skin because they encourage it to produce more collagen and elastin. Ask for Peptide skin products at your local beauty store.

Raise your brows

A well-shaped brow can help disguise sagging eyelids. We always recommend going to a professional – even if you go once in your life just to find your perfect shape it will be worth it.

When creating an arched brow, finding your natural arch is key. Tweeze slowly, removing hairs below the brows one at a time, following the natural arch. Then enhance and define with a brow pencil or powder.

As an extra for more a bit more lift, apply a white/ivory highlighter to the brow bone. This makes the eye look higher and tighter.


Apply an oil cleanser to the entire face. Start from the centre of the chin and massage, using small, circular movements.

Next, working inwards against the lines and wrinkles, massage around the eyes, focusing on the socket. and then forehead. To finish, use light, tapping movements all over. You’ll look lifted and lovely!

Eye lifts

Look for eye creams that not only moisturise but also tighten and firm.

Egg on your face

An egg white and lemon juice face mask will leave skin fresh and glowing.

Give your eyes some facercise

Place your index fingers sideways under your eyes with fingers pointing towards your nose.

Look up and begin fluttering your upper eyelids only. After 30 seconds close your eyes for a moment and repeat. This helps reduce hollows under the eyes and lifts the eyelids and lower part of your face.