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About the Boyzilian and…

The hair removal craze is back, and this time, it’s coming for men.

You may already be familiar with the Brazilian, a female waxing ritual that removes the hair from the labia to the butt crack. Now, there’s the Boyzilian, which calls for the removal of all hair from around the shaft, testicles perineum and butt crack. Other applicable names include the Kojak, the Sunga and the BBC (butt, balls and crotch).

To answer why some guys might feel the pressure to go bare “down there,” well, it’s complicated. Porn provides a pretty narrow (and often hairless) view of what a naked body is “supposed” to look like. And the sexting universe provides a space for us to put our own genitals on full display. Guys have had years to get used to the pubic modifications performed by their female friends. Maybe the trend just sort of… rubbed off. According to Google Trends, manscaping searches have shot up by nearly 10 times in the past decade. In short, it’s become trendy. And apparently, nothing screams “out of fashion” like a package full of pubes.

According to a 2014 study conducted by Indiana University, nearly 50 percent of women prefer their partners to be either totally or partially pube-free. And, if we’re talking about impressing the ladies, we’ve got to give a nod to size. By most accounts, trimming down a bush provides some kind of dick-enhancing illusion, and apparently, gaining that extra inch of visibility is worth shaving for. Perhaps you’re familiar with the expression, “The shorter the bush, the taller the tree.”

Another (albeit slightly problematic) push for manscaping revolves around the idea of hygiene. However, remember pubic hair removal can cause irritation, leave one vulnerable to STIs and even lead to infections like cellulitis and MRSA. So while getting rid of your pubic hair may make you feel cleaner, lighter, drier—whatever—it might not actually be the best thing for you.

In reference to which guys are most likely to manscape? Well, Its everybody. It’s the gay community, the straight community, it’s very conservative guys, it’s very liberal guys, and all different age groups too.

Of course, heading to a salon to get your man-bush whacked might not be for everyone. It’s expensive, for one. It’s awkward, for another. If you’re not big on small talk, the idea of having to entertain someone face-to-face with your crotch might be somewhat of a turnoff. There’s also the concern that letting someone else manhandle your junk will inspire an unwanted and embarrassing response. What happens if I get an erection? you may ask. Fortunately, most professionals seem pretty cool about it. But even more fortunate is the fact that other alternatives exist.

The do-it-yourself manscaping system has been around for a while now. Some trace it back to 2006, the year Philips launched its “revolutionary” Bodygroom Trimmer. But beyond the products, you will need the know-how.

Should you choose to blast away your bush, remember, it will require maintenance. There’s nothing worse than bristly balls.

Personally, I prefer a hairy canvas. Then again, it doesn’t really matter what I think. At the end of the day, it’s your dick and your decision.