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Anti-Gay South African Venue

Anti-Gay South African Venue

Good day to all of you.I would like to bring this Restaurant and Wedding venue (Schoongezicht) under you attention. It has come to light that this business don’t want/or does not allow Gay weddings on there venue, apparently it has to do with their faith.

See extract from article:
“Die bestuurders van twee bekende restaurante – die een in die Paarl en die ander in Brackenfell – het gister bevestig dat hulle nie gay-troues doen nie.

“Gay mense is egter welkom om hul onthale by ons restaurante te hou.”

So het Lysencke Bruwer, een van die bestuurders van die twee Schoongezicht-restaurante in die Wes-Kaap, gister gesê.”

The audacity goes even further: However gays may go to the Restaurants (the Pink money is good enough though)

I can’t believe we have to deal with bigots like this in our free South Africa. I would like to bring this under your attention, that me and my spouse are going to the Western Cape in August, and Schoongezight Restaurant in Paarl was one of our options to go to!!!!

Luckily I saw this article because they are for sure not on our list anymore!!!!

I want to request the DA, and the Cape Wine-lands municipality to look into this. If I am not mistaken it is against the law to run a Wedding venue as a business – making money out of it, and in the same time discriminate against certain groups on the basis of their race, sexuality, religion, etc. This goes dead right against our Human Rights enshrined in our constitution.

We as a nation should stand up to this sort of attitude. Racism, homophobia, intolerance are killing this country, and we should educate these kind of people.

Please see full article at: http://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/gn-gay-troues-hier-wel-onthale-20160524


Neoton Frerk