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Anti-Gay Trump Wants Gay Vote

Over in the USA the notoriously anti-gay presidential candidate Donald Trump is now openly lobbying for gay votes and have started selling rainbow t-shirts for LGBTI people to declare their support for him.

With a rainbow flag and text that reads “LGBTQ for Trump” the $30 (R435) t-shirts only come in men’s sizes and are now available on his website. On the back of the t-shirt the name of his running mate Mike pence (who is also notoriously anti-gay) is printed.

Trump has always had a questionable stance on LGBTI rights, for example he is openly against same-sex marriage and doesn’t support trans people using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity saying “…frankly, it would be unbelievably expensive nationwide. It would be hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Ironically enough the LGBTrump – Gays for Trump Facebook page already got 3779 likes. Only in America right?