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Are You A Nomophobe?

There’s a new wave of fear sweeping South Africa’s queer nation, and it has nothing to do with what how much tax payer money the ANC is going to waste this year or why the DA won’t gain as much in the elections as they hope for.

It’s called Nomophobia – the fear of losing or being without your mobile device.

Research from SecurEnvoy, which specializes in digital passwords, has uncovered that currently 66% of cell-phone owners are nomophobic. They live in fear of not knowing what might happen should they misplace their smartphone. And those stats are rising.

To an extent, it’s not that big of a surprise. Nowadays, we are attached to our phones while walking, while in the elevator and even in the bathroom, and losing it would be like losing a good friend you spend most of your time with.

The numbers show that women are a little more wary of misplacing their phones (70%) than men (61%), and that’s probably because of the naked pictures and sexting they’ve done.

Meanwhile, men are more likely to have two or more mobile devices (47%) than women (36%), and that’s either because we just love technology or are cheating and don’t want to get caught.

When first measured a few years ago, nomophobia statistics was at 53%, so it’s clearly on the rise.

Sooooo…. ARE you nomophobic?