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Beach Exercises

Its almost the start of the holiday season, which, in South Africa, mean you’ve scheduled a steady agenda of fun-in-the-sun beach activities.

But before you head to the beach with nothing but your iPod, sunscreen, and a summer reading list, why not prepare for spending a few minutes out of the day exercising on the beach?

Don’t worry though, below beach exercises won’t take over your relaxing beach day. Still plenty of time to have fun and check out the other hot bods… also exercising.

Walking lunges — 30 seconds

Start at one marker, feet together, hands on hips. Step right foot about two feet forward and lower until right thigh is almost parallel with ground. (Make sure right knee doesn’t jut past toes; if so, step feet wider.) Step left foot next to right and repeat with left leg. Continue alternating until you reach second marker. If time allows, turn around and repeat.

Plyo lunges — 30 seconds

Assume lunge position, right leg forward, left leg back, legs about two feet apart. Lower body toward ground until right thigh is almost parallel to ground. Jump up and switch legs mid-air so left leg is now forward, right leg back. Continue repeating. (Modified: Rather than jumping, do alternating lunges, stepping one leg back at a time.)

Jog — 30 seconds

Jog back and forth between your markers.

Box sprints — 30 seconds

Start at one marker and sprint to second marker. Face first marker and shuffle right 8 times. Turn so you’re facing second marker and jog backward to first marker. Facing second marker, shuffle right 8 times. Repeat as many times as you can.

Squats — 30 seconds

Stand in place, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Lower body toward ground, keeping knees behind toes, until thighs are almost parallel to ground. Release to start and repeat.

Squat thrusts — 30 seconds

Stand with hands by sides. Drop to ground in crouched position, hands on ground. Hop feet behind you until body’s in plank, one long line from toe to head. Hop feet back to hands. Stand and repeat. (Modified: Step one foot back at a time to plank position, then feet back to hands, roll to standing.)

Sprints with push-ups — as long as you need

Start at one marker and sprint to second marker Do 5 push-ups, either on knees or supported only by hands and feet. Sprint back to first marker and do 4 push-ups. Continue sprinting back and forth between markers, doing one less push-up at each end until you’re down to only 1 push-up.

Jumping jacks — as long as you need

Do 10 jumping jacks. March in place for 8 counts. Do 10 more jumping jacks.

Deep side lunges with water bottle — as long as you need

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding water bottle horizontally between both hands at chest height, elbows bent. Take slow but giant step, at least two feet, right. Bend right knee to 90 degrees, keeping knee behind toes. Place bottle on sand by right foot and hold 2 counts. Step back to start. Repeat side lunge to right, this time picking up bottle. Continue in this pattern for a total of 10 times. Switch sides and repeat.

Crab walks — as long as you need

Sit on sand with feet flat, knees bent and hands behind you, fingers pointing toward you. Lift butt off sand and crab walk backward as fast as you can for 20 counts, keeping butt lifted and abs pulled in. (One count equals each time you move a hand.) Turn around and crab walk back to starting point.

Planks — 1 minute

Get on hands and knees in sand. Place wrists under shoulders and if possible, lift knees off ground so body’s supported only by hands and feet. Contracting abs, hold 30 seconds. Release for a quick break and repeat once. (Modified: Stay on knees for 5 counts, then go into plank 5 counts. Repeat 6 times.)

Go for a swim.

After all that hard work, a dip in the water may be in order. If the waves are welcoming, pop into the water for a quick freestyle swim that’ll rev up your heart rate and keep you cool at the same time.