Biphobia… WTF!

I have a problem with this particular stereotype – and I’m not saying everybody does it, but certainly enough to make it noticeable and worthy of a little rant. So, what lies behind this phobia anyway? I’ll give you some horrible hearsay.

Bisexual is another way of saying ‘can’t get a date on Friday.’
No. It isn’t. Perhaps it is in some cases, but then those people have issues that run deeper than a mere definition of their sexuality. And if you’re drunk at a club and shome other drunk woman shez she’s bishexual and you take her home and then get your heart splintered, you have some responsibility there too, to sort out your judgment.

All bisexual women are sluts.
Well that’s clearly a load of nonsense – how many have you met and under what circumstances? In fact, have you ever had a real conversation with a real bisexual woman about her sexuality? Try it, you’ll be enlightened. Lots of bisexual women are monogamous.

A bisexual woman broke my heart!
Grow up, foolish lesbian – why take it out on the bisexual community? I’m guessing that a whole lot more lesbians broke your heart too and you haven’t given them up.

A bisexual woman will leave you for a man.
Well, by the same logic, a lesbian will leave you for a woman and why is being left for a man worse anyway? Also, a bisexual woman will leave you for a woman. Are you so sure you’re going to be left? Sort out your self-esteem. If someone leaves you, what were the chances of it working out? It wasn’t meant to be; get over it, move on and stop whining.

Think about it. We as a community (us pureblood lesbians) are constantly standing up for our rights, marching and so on. And we stand up for abuse victims and battered women and refugees – but we’re not tolerant of bisexual women. It’s wrong, it’s bigotry and it’s unacceptable on a very basic and human level. All we need to do, is question our thinking and moderate our actions and reactions. If necessary, just fake it till you make it.