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Bulge and Bum

The pair behind a new range of proudly SA designer underwear for men believes underwear should be treated with the reverence it deserves – especially if you consider what men years ago had to adorn their bits with. 

Be thankful the days of fig leaves, loincloths and Y-fronts are over. As impressive as it is that the average fig leaf is about 8-inches long, Generation Adam had a torrid time of it. Where was the support? Comfort? Style? 

The family jewels deserve better, say Bulge & Bum creators, Kobus and Hannes.

These connoisseurs of the male form admit there was a time their pursuit for perfection led them to spending enormous amounts of money on importing underwear. But there was nothing glamorous or exciting about waiting months for these prized packages … or the heavy import taxes they came with. 

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The gap in the SA market for high quality designer underwear was glaring and the boys jumped at it. They spent months researching textiles, designs and their target audience (bulges and bums on men with immaculate taste in underwear) and, finally, their Indulge your Bulge range was born.  

In each garment, expect only the finest blend of local textiles, exquisitely finished with silk-woven elastic and a supremely comfortable lifting pouch.

Kobus and Hannes explain: “Our range is produced from recycled Yori, a fabric made from 100% recycled materials. Repreve, a recycled polyester, ensures versatility and reliability and is characterised by good elasticity. It is a breathable, UV-protected fabric with natural moisture, high colour-fastness and high chlorine resistance, which makes it perfect for swim and active wear applications.”

As expert judges in matters of taste, Kobus and Hannes invite you to Indulge your Bulge today.






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