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Cruella De Vil John McCrea Discusses Playing a Gay Character in a Disney Film

Cruella De Vil John McCrea Discusses Playing a Gay Character in a Disney Film

The highly anticipated live-action Cruella film arrives in theatres and on Disney+, and in addition to being the super chic, punk rock, ’70s glam fantasy we’ve all been dreaming about, the film also stars an openly gay character named Artie, played by Everybody’s Talking About Jamie alum John McCrea.

Cruella is an origin story set in 1970s London during the punk rock revolution. The film “follows a young grifter named Estella (Oscar-winning La La Land actress Emma Stone), a clever and creative girl determined to make a name for herself through her designs,” according to the film’s official description.
“She befriends a pair of teenaged criminals who share her penchant for mischief, and together they manage to make a living on London’s streets. Estella’s fashion sense eventually attracts the attention of the Baroness von Hellman (co-Oscar winner Emma Thompson), a fashion queen who is both devastatingly chic and frighteningly haute. However, their relationship initiates a chain of events and disclosures that would lead Estella to embrace her dark side and transform into the noisy, trendy, and revenge-driven Cruella.”

PRIDE sat down with Cruella star John McCrea to discuss working with the two Emmas, the ongoing ’70s revival, and what it’s like to play a gay character in a Disney film.

“What I enjoyed most about Artie was his idea of not fitting in,” John said of his favourite aspect of playing Artie. “He is attempting to live an authentic life. Be yourself and do what makes you happy; disregard the opinions of others. As long as you don’t cause harm to others, why shouldn’t you be entitled to live your life any way you want?”

When asked about the significance of a character like Artie, he replied, “Especially in a family film aimed for younger audiences.” “It is an opportunity that I will gladly accept. The concept that there might be some child sitting in the theatre, perhaps unaware of why or how he identifies with Artie, isn’t it a feeling? You and I both understand that it is merely a sensation you are experiencing. To think that I may be a part of that effort for a whole generation of children astounds me.”

Source: RAFFY ERMAC (Pride)