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Doing It Anywhere

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, bedrooms are not an option and you’ve got to improvise.

If the bedroom isn’t currently an option – because it’s too far away from the kitchen, where the sight of him washing up naked or reaching down into the salad drawer simply demands that you put your arms around him and have sex now, or if you’re shopping or out at a party and having sex is suddenly imperative – now is your chance to take a break from the more-or-less horizontal positions and make love more-or-less standing up.

It’s a remarkably versatile position, or range of positions, allowing both top and bottom a degree of manoeuvre which is hard to achieve if one is literally the top and the other the bottom. Each partner can feel he is more actively pleasuring the other. Each can move at once, or one may remain still a moment while the other establishes and varies the rhythm.

If you’re the bottom, experiment. Flex and stretch your legs and buttocks, sometimes tightening your hold on him, or teasing him, tensing your buttocks to push him a little away from your anus, sometimes bending forward and enjoying the depth of penetration he will then be able to achieve. Reach behind with your hands to caress him – and caress yourself. Hold his hands and move them around on your skin.

If you’re the top, you’re both guiding your partner and following his lead. Avoid pushing him forward – let him do that when he wants to – but do take the time to slow down and hold him close against your chest and stomach. Rubbing your hands across his chest will feel incredibly sexy. Hold onto his penis and masturbate him. You might find you can move your pelvis a lot more fluently than you can while lying or kneeling because the whole of the leg is engaged in the action. Enjoy exploring these new ways to move.

Each of you should find you’re more able to kiss and look at each other than you are while lying down with one facing downwards. The standing body is simply more flexible. Both when deciding to have sex right now this instant, and during the course of having sex this way, there is a feeling of enhanced spontaneity which can be thrilling to each of you.