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Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists-queerlife

Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists

Over in the Netherlands the country’s reigning monarch, King Willem Alexander has paid a historic first visit to local gay rights group, COC Netherlands, in a rare tribute to the organisation.

King Willem Alexander visited the group on Tuesday on the organisation’s 70th birthday as a show of support for the organization which has been advocating for the LGBTI community since 1946.

COC President Tanja Ineke described the King’s visit as an immense honour and suggested it would have a big impact on the morale of young queer youth.

“When you’re 13 and think you might be a lesbian and wondering whether to come out of the closet or not, and you see that the king is visiting the COC and supports you, then it’s a huge boost,” she told AFP.

Despite being the first nation in the world to give same-sex couples marriage rights, Ineke suggested there was still much to be done before Dutch LGBTI people had full equality.