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Solidarity with Egypt LGBT‎

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT‎

Over the past few weeks, Egypt has witnessed a violent attack on individuals based on their sexual orientation. 57 people were arrested according to the EIPR statistics, 9 of them were sentenced to prison terms, 35 before the courts, 2 are still under investigation (Sarah Hijazi and Ahmed Alaa) and 11 others are in unknown places.

What we are witnessing now in Egypt is the continuous scenario of human rights violations under military authority since the end of 2013. It is an authority that does not respect the law, the constitution or any international charters. Its first and last concern is repression, oppression and the closure of any area of individual freedoms.

The foreign government’s stand by what has been happening as movie viewers, there is no meaningful move until now. Today on October the 3rd, the European Parliament issued a strongly worded statement condemning the human rights file in Egypt and calling on its members to link economic and military cooperation with Egypt to the extent of the human rights record and improving it….It is an excellent call, but the foreign governments and the EU countries give their economic and military interests a priority on every other issue. We hope that those countries will take escalatory steps, but those who understand the situation are fully aware that there will be no movement from these countries against the Egyptian regime, with President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi continuing to wave that he saved them from illegal immigration and he is countering terrorism down.

There is no room for the civil freedom inside Egypt, everyone is threatened and everyone is subjected to forced disappearances and facing sentences under unreasonable charges. The Egyptian government is no longer concerned and does not care about the violations committed. And on this comes our role from abroad to support the steadfast and steadfast inside. Some may think that we have been silent, or have asked for our rights with a bit of complacency, or solicited the sympathy of countries to intervene in order to calm the situation. But we see it in a different way, the government does not seek to find reasons to abuse, they are totally unchecked, and does not bow to international demands in any form yet. The pleading of the Western world is useless because, simply, their interests come first. These countries will not change their foreign policies agendas unless they receive a massive pressure from their people. Their people will not move and press unless the media sheds light on our cause.

Therefore, we believe that protesting is the best choice, protesting in front of the Egyptian embassies in different countries. In the presence of the largest possible media coverage. We believe that is the most effective way, we hope the results will improve the situation.
We repeat our previous call to protest before the embassies of the Arab Republic of Egypt on October 18, 2017 to 21. We ask every group, group or individuals willing to participate to contact us to prepare for this event. Our aim is to denounce these violations and pressure the Egyptian government and to spread Egypt’s crackdown on the LGBT community in the local and international media.

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