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Electrifying Notices

Electrifying Notices

So over the past few years we’re begrudgingly all getting used to the idea that we really should be doing our bit for the environment. Movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” have made us all aware of what is going on and recent weather changes are having such profound affects on the world’s people that we can look away no further.

In South Africa we are all suffering under Eskom’s blatant disregard for actually giving a decent service. Rolling power cuts are hitting our little country on the southernmost tip of Africa at very regular intervals. So in my little office in my corner of a very large institution I put up signs about a year ago asking people to turn out lights and photocopy on both sides of the page etc in the hopes that perhaps we could do a little bit here to decrease our power output.

So, why, after all of us are inconvenienced by Eskom Power cuts, do the people I work with refuse to heed my signs and insist on leaving every f**ng light, fan and monitor on for what seems to be all day and night? It’s so easy to turn things off – why leave them on? Are they really that lazy? What really annoys me is when people talk solemnly about what is happening and then turn around and leave the room leaving everything on full whack – don’t they see the link?

It’s not just hippies that can get involved you know, it only takes a few small changes to make a difference. Lets not give Eskom any more excuses to penilise our busy lives with more power cuts.