They called me queer

They called me Queer

A new volume of South African queer stories. All too often the lives of queer people, and particularly of those who are also black, are erased from mainstream society. They


The Greek Myths Retold Stephen Fry Penguin – 410 pages Stephen Fry is a well-known actor, popular television quiz show host, witty raconteur, documentary filmmaker, gay rights advocate, autobiographer, and
Allan Hollinghurst

The Sparsholt Affair

If Edmund White is America’s pre-eminent gay writer, then Alan Hollinghurst holds the honour as Britain’s pre-eminent gay novelist. He is nowhere near as prolific as White, as The Sparsholt
Our Young Man-QL

Our Young Man

Edmund White Bloomsbury, 282 pages Edmund White, author of numerous novels, biographies, travelogues, memoirs, essays on contemporary American gay life and so much more, is arguably America’s pre-eminent gay writer.
The Echo of a Noise

The Echo of a Noise

A Memoir of Then and Now Pieter – Dirk Uys Apart from his numerous published plays, reviews, cookery books and stories, South African playwright and cultural icon Pieter-Dirk Uys has