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The Queer Feminist Film Festival

The Queer Feminist Film Festival (QFFF) is a collaborative event by the Bertha Movie House, African Gender Institute, Triangle Project and OXFAM South Africa. The QFFF is a space of

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Triple Crossed - queerlife

Triple Crossed

With A Tour In Afghanistan Behind Him, War-torn Chris Jensen (introducing Jack Brockett) Struggles To Assimilate Back To Life In California. Drifting And Living Out Of His Car, He Soon


1982. TEXAS. It's a world of big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin (Jacob Newton), a straight frat-boy, enjoys a little male physical bonding with his buddies; after all,

Shut Up Little Man!

In 1987 San Francisco, Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitch Deprey began recording the squabbles of their stranger than fiction neighbours, the bigoted Raymond Huffman and the out and proud Peter