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Evita Bezuidenhout

Evita Bezuidenhout Gets Gold

No sooner had the fiftieth episode of ‘Evita’s Free Speech’ entered the internet highway, when the most famous white woman in South Africa – and now arguably on the continent itself – also received a gold medal. Not like Caster Semenya for an Olympic win, but to celebrate the first year of her weekly YouTube reality newsflash. Originally inspired by the planned 3 August municipal elections, Tannie Evita used her weekly three to four minute video-chat with the world to put South African politics and society into a nutshell, with the accent on optimism and truth.

Underlining her freedom of expression that is guarenteed by the South Africa Constitution, ‘Evita’s Free Speech’ has reached the ends of the world and beyond, with reactions coming from Siberia, Alaska, the Antarctic, Australia, Los Angeles, Yokohama, Tibet, Nkandla, Somalia, Mali, St Helena, Camp David, The Hague, Tripoli and even the International Space Station. Filmed at Evita se Perron in Darling every Sunday morning at 07h30, Mrs Bezuidenhout faces the world with the headlines of the moment, as well as her personal comments on the state of her nation and mankind. Produced by Skolliewood Films, the episodes are filmed, edited and distributed by Stefan Hurter.

‘Evita’s Free Speech’ is entering its second annual output in the service of anyone who needs to believe that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though most of today’s political tunnels are curved. Her weekly episodes are on the Evita-se-Perron YouTube channel and also carried by Daily Maverick, ZA News among international internet and media clusters.