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Extreme Beauty Treatments

From facelifts to breast enlargements, having some sort of treatment to change one’s physical appearance is nothing strange nowadays. And when someone’s got money, they are more often than not willing to pay whatever it takes to look more attractive, younger or simply to experiment.

But how far are people willing to go to get the look or treatment of their dreams? Here are five strange body treatments people with enough money are willing to pay for.

Bee sting face mask

Botox has become a widely popular treatment around the world, but because of some negative side effects many people have started looking for more natural remedies to make the skin look younger. Now a R4000 spa treatment involving bee sting venom will give you the same result as botox. A mixture of the venom, honey and lavender, as well as a few other ingredients, is applied to the face and the venom then reacts with the skin in a similar way to when you are stung by a bee. This causes the skin to release chemicals that apparently help to eliminate wrinkles. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham are said to have had the treatment done.

Snake massage

When it comes to relaxing, nothing is as good as a soothing massage. But Israel’s Ada Barak has a different opinion. She offers a treatment at her spa where a stressed customer can have snakes slithering over them. Barak claims that the writhing and movement of the snake provide relief in muscles and bones. If the mere thought of snakes makes you feel tense, rest assured all the snakes used in the treatment are non-venomous.

Cosmetic six pack

If working out to get a six pack seems like way too much work for you, we bring you some good news! A new type of cosmetic procedure means that men can have a six pack without them having to lose weight or spend hours in the gym. Through a technique similar to that of liposuction, fat gets removed from the stomach area after which the skin gets tightened and sculpted into the desired shape.

Geisha facial

A new treatment which originally comes from Japan has recently been introduced in Western countries. The Geisha Facial involves the use of excrement of a specific nightingale to cover the face. Although the idea of having your face covered in bird faeces is not a very exciting one, many women are willing to pay up to R3000 for the treatment.

Voice pitch lifting

This procedure was originally offered as a treatment for people whose vocal cords have been affected due to illness or an accident. But now demand for a “voice lift” has increased with people whose voices are changing due to ageing wanting a clearer and more defined voice. Prices range from a thousand rand to hundreds of thousands and several options are available. Fat from the stomach can be injected to make the vocal folds thicker; the shape of the vocal cords can be changed with surgery; and another option is implants.