FanCon 2017

Fancon 2017 was the first Comic Convention that Queerlife had attended, so we had these ideas of what it would be like, the type of weirdos that would be there and comic characters like Richie Rich that we would eventually get to meet and greet. Naturally, we wondered how many hunks would be bare chested (for the boys on the team) and girls wanted wanted to meet “women with personality and character” (yeah, right we believe you…)

The first myth we dispelled was that these guys and gals were weirdos, fucking hell they are a like one big family with a whole lotta energy,generosity and talent. To put it mildly we were blown away, actually lets re-phrase that, we were totally amazed by the event because we can factually state no blowing.  The artists that displayed their work were without a doubt impressive. The skill, the love that these artists draw with bring the characters to life.  The Queerlife team were educated around the art of comics, impressed continuously with the drawing skills and FanCon gave us an opportunity to talk with a community that we had never interacted with before.

When a person hears the word comic con your first impression is of Richie Rich, Archie, Little Lotta okay, okay so I am giving my age away, but we got to learn about different characters that exist and have been brought to life. Creator owned comics, this where the actual creator retains full rights to the characters they create. Know some characters? We got to hear some of these guys talk their story. This year the drawcard at the event were the panels of guests, some of them first time visitors to cape Town, actually South Africa. To name but a few “The Goon” (Eric Powell) “Chew” (John Layman) Ron Marz and Matt Hawkins.

The next integral part of the convention was the Cosplay feature, dressing up in costumes to look like other people.  Here you thinking well we know Lola Fine, we have all seen Cathy Specific so know one can tell us about dress up. Take a look at these costumes, fabulous.

FanCon 2017 was an excellent convention, created and run by passionate individuals who happen to like comics. We suggest that you attend ComicCon 2018, if not for yourselves do it for the future of the Defenders and Protectors of the Universe.

We found a Queer Comic!

Sunstone is an ongoing adult webcomic series written and illustrated by Stjepan Šejić which was first published on DeviantArt in 2011. The comic, described as an erotic romantic comedy, focuses on the relationship between Lisa and Ally.

The primary focus of Sunstone is on the main characters of Lisa Williams and Ally Carter. Lisa is a budding writer who has kept her submissive desires secret for years, and Ally is a dominant and successful businesswoman, who is somewhat of a loner.Neither Ally nor Lisa have any same-sex experience prior to meeting each other, other than a drunken kiss Lisa shared with another girl, of which she no longer carries any memory. Both have had unsuccessful relationships due to their alternative lifestyles, because of their inability to ignore their fetishistic desires.Source Wikipedia

Move over 50 Shades of Grey Sunstone is here. We weren’t allowed to peek inside of the comics to give our enquiring readers accurate feedback as to the accuracy of certain events that could or could not be happening, but were told that the comics sell very well.

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