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Fashion For Tall Boys

Two important rules apply when dressing a tall body.
First, avoid clothing that is oversized as it will hang off your body strangely. Secondly, skip anything that is extremely fitted as it will make you appear awkward if you have a large build or make you look like a beanpole if you’re slender.

When considering dressing the top half of the body, there are a few supplementary guidelines tall men can follow to enhance their appearance.

Dress shirts must absolutely be long enough to tuck into your pants, even if you’re not in the habit of wearing your shirts that way. It can be tricky to find longer shirts, but failure to do so will mean you risk looking like a big kid.

Cropped jackets will have a similar effect on you as they will make your body appear disproportionate by emphasizing the length of your legs. Instead, opt for jackets and blazers that end just below the hip as this length adds neither height nor width to your frame. You should also know that blazers with two buttons are a better choice for you as three-button blazers will further elongate your body. For tall boys with an average-to-lean build, double-breasted jackets are extremely flattering. As well, coats that fall just below the knee, particularly belted models, will really command respect on a tall frame.

Straight-leg trousers and jeans rather than tapered or boot-cut bottoms look best on tall bodies, though when you’re tall bottoms should always be tried on prior to purchasing in order to ensure that their inseam is long enough to cover the top part of your shoe. Go with mid-rise jeans if you’re heavier and low-rise jeans if you’re slim, but steer clear of high-waisted jeans (tall hipsters, take note).

A final point with regard to fit concerns tailoring: When you’re tall, having your formal wear adjusted to suit your height is non-negotiable.

Fortunately, when you’re tall, there are not nearly as many rules to adhere to in terms of colour and pattern compared with other body types. In other words, you can wear virtually whatever you please. Do, however, mix up colours in your ensembles. For example, don’t wear black head to toe as it will create the illusion of extra height. Unless of course, you WANT to look like Darth Vader.

Contrasting colours will break you up visually, so pair pants and shirts of different colours together and contrast your footwear with your pants too. To balance out your shape in terms of height and breadth, vertical stripes will help as research has now shown that vertical stripes can make objects appear wider than their actual size (contrary to popular belief). Lastly, men with large statures should feel free to experiment with prints, although big patterns will look better on you than smaller ones.

Generally speaking, tall men of average weight look best in wide accessories. That means, for example, that thicker belts and ties are more visually pleasing on your body than skinny accessories. When it comes to other accessories, such as hats, don’t be afraid to try them out. Even though it will make you appear slightly taller, a hat adds a personal touch to an outfit — just remember to ask your barber for a hairstyle that’s not too voluminous.

On your feet, thin-soled shoes are the optimal choice for tall men as you obviously don’t need a heel. What’s more, square- or round-toe shoes will help balance out the length of your legs. Finally, as much as possible, you should dress in layers if you’re tall and of average or slim build.