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French Minister Defends Gays

French Minister Defends Gays

Over in France the French health minister, Marisol Touraine, is heading to court to defend a recent safe-sex advertising campaign which depicted a gay couple moving in for a kiss.

The billboard and poster campaign has garnered protests from Christian conservative elements in France who want the advertisements censored. The mayor of Angers has ordered the posters to be removed and a suburb in Paris is calling for the posters to be banned.

“For life, for a weekend… With a lover, a friend, a stranger … Situations vary, so does protection,” read the posters which were distributed at bus stops around the country.

Touraine says the bans are homophobic and amount to censorship and said she will take the mayor to court for refusing to have the posters displayed in Angers.

She said on Twitter:
“Some refuse to see two men together and want to censor this campaign? Share it! Your retweets are the most beautiful answer! #loveislove”