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Fun in Fundamental?

Some people can really make a person’s eyeballs roll (and ask anyone, I am very good at rolling mine). I was sitting in the back of the office of one of the places where I work and some people came in, told a very sad story about how their father was lying dying, had told them to go on holiday anyway – which they did – and wants to be cremated. They say he can’t be cremated, because the bible forbids it. Then, with great glee, they spoke about it being a sin and god not being able to find cremated people on judgment day and so on. I restrained myself from leaping up and quoting various other biblical laws … I was also very tempted to say “Hi, I’m Ulla and I’m a LESBIAN!” just to watch their faces freeze.

Then they started waving petrol receipts about saying it had cost them R330 to drive the thousand-odd kilometers from Pretoria to here.

That’s vaguely around $20 US. I think they must have smoked something.

I wish people would focus more on the first principles of their religions, which almost always concern love, and then I wish that they would accept the fact that their holy texts are written down by fallible human beings, usually back when things were very different and they needed laws like “don’t eat pork” for very real health issues.

I have no issues with anybody’s faith until it starts to affect things negatively – if the man’s dying wish is to be cremated, honour that wish – there is, after all, the commandment to “honour thy father and thy mother” to be considered. And of course those unfunny fundamentalists are also the people who “love” homosexuals, but utterly disapprove of their (our) lifestyles. They also vote fascists into power.