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Online School For Gay Muslims

Over in the USA an out and proudly gay Muslim leader has created an online school which will offer access to LGBTI- friendly Islamic philosophy.

The first out and proud Muslim imam in the US, Daayiee Abdullah, recently founded the MECCA Institute, an online school and think-tank that will offer classes in modern-day analysis of Islamic philosophy and principles.

An advocate for religious access for HIV positive people, mixed gender worship, LGBTI acceptance in Muslim communities and LGBTI inclusion in Muslim liturgy, Abdullah says his positions are firmly rooted in the Quran. He wishes to provide contemporary Muslims with the tools needed to practice a socially relevant and open-minded faith regardless of where they may be situated.

One of the classes on offer will be Gender and Sexual Variance in Islamic Texts.

Abdullah told Truthout in an interview:
“The idea that same-sex-oriented people can’t be as faithful or pious as heterosexuals is not something that is found in the Quran. It’s a cultural attitude, influenced by time and place, which is why ideas about acceptable sexual behaviour vary widely..”