SA Gay Mural In Manchester

Hi Queerlife Just wanted to let you know about this mural by South African artist Faith47, which she created a couple of weeks before the tragedy at Orlando. 722 –

Leather Spirituality

it's not uncommon to hear leather folk speak of a spirituality that arises from their life- and play-style. But if you are not among their ranks you might wonder what

Help Keep Children Warm

6th July, 2016 – Community Chest, a non-profit organisation that identifies and supports community welfare initiatives, is calling for support and donations from businesses and individuals to help raise funds to

Traveling To Anti-Gay Countries

Greetings QueerLife: After noticing some comments on Facebook about your news story Anti-Gay Emirates Blame SA I had to say a few words. I certainly respect if others feel differently about this

Lighting Up The Darkside

Call me old fashioned, but when I hear body modification, I think bulimia. I've just never been one for the genital piercings, or Sweet Jesus, those people that walk around