The Late Great Speedo Debate

With the South African summer almost here and Cape Town's beach cafe's, bars and pubs packed to the brim most afternoons and early evenings already, it’s time to start thinking

Men Are Angrier On Facebook

Regardless of sexuality men are typically angrier and more argumentative on Facebook than women, a new study has found. The findings come from a team of researchers from New York's

Sharing Your Life Away

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once famously said that privacy was no longer a “social norm” in a society that seemed compelled to share everything. But recent moves from Facebook signal

Doing The Rainbow

Many queer folk show their gay pride by wearing or displaying rainbow colors in a variety of forms- bracelets, necklaces, clothes, flags, bumper stickers, etc. Each color of the rainbow

A Queer Eye at Str8 Friends

Lets face it... If you’ve got a penis and an internet connection, you HAVE watched porn. If you’ve got a penis, an internet connection, and a desire to see other