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Gretha Wiid and her gay tale

Self styled sex-expert and apparently christian relationship guru, Gretha Wiid caused a bit of “skaandal”  when her advice for teens, published in this teen book, gave advice on being gay..

Ja nee, we also said Oooh fok. If you remember Gretha also said some time ago “no wanking and no self help with your own body, God doesn’t want you to do things like that ” Obviously in more appropriate language that could be published in our main stream joyful magazines.


Translated Greta is saying this:

What does it mean when someone is gay?

Lots of kids want to know why people become gay. Some people say they are born gay. This is something I don’t agree with. I believe with my whole heart that God made men and women to be together.

When a son doesn’t receive love from his father, is mocked or is physically abused, they sometimes start to hate men.

Thus they don’t want to be like men who prove their manliness through big muscles and strength. Such boys remove themselves from the boys’ groups. Lots of these ‘outsider’ boys believe that they are different and later start believing that they are gay.

I believe with my whole heart that such men can one day be wonderful husbands to their wives, but they they are unfortunately cannot speak to somebody in time, until it is too late.

Other kids are teased at school because they play chess or piano or don’t like rugby. Kids call these boys ‘moffies’, another term for a gay men. (back of the page, not shown here) These kids then think they are gay.

Who publishes crap like this? In this day and age surely the publisher would ask an author for credible research and not allow speculation by a woman who spouts nonsense like this.

One of the chapters in the book actually says kids also become gay because they become confused during puberty and the devil tricks them into thinking they’re gay, and also that kids become gay after being molested. Unfortunately there are no good quality copies of that page available online. (Thanks Zoopy)