Navy Honours For Harvey Milk

Navy Honours For Harvey Milk

Over in the USA LGBT activists campaigned for the country's navy to honour Harvey Milk and other LGBT individuals who have served in the armed forces despite being officially banned
Aussie Hindus Support Gay Marriage-queerlife

Aussie Hindus Support Gay Marriage

Over in Australia the country's Council of Hindu clergy this week proclaimed its support for marriage equality. Whilst the council acknowledges that marriage, (vivaha) as defined by Hindu Dharma Shastras
Bi men make better lovers-queerlife

Bi men make better lovers?

Over in Australia a new study – conducted by Deakin University – investigated relationships between bisexual men and women on a broader scale to challenge biphobic stereotypes often surrounding such
When Selfies Kill-queerlife

When Selfies Kill

Over in India authorities are considering taking extreme measures against selfie habits. And with good reason. The country has had far more selfie-related deaths than any other country in the
Google Gay UN-Friendly again?

Google Gay UN-Friendly again?

In the UK the Warwick Rowers have been wonderful allies of the LGBTI community for years, using their good looks and athletic prowess to raise funds and awareness for LGBTI