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Getting Down On It

We’re often told that butt plugs enhance masturbation both by stimulating the anus and by exerting pressure from inside on the prostate, the male G spot. Result: bigger, harder erections and a more intense experience of orgasm. There’s truth in this, though the reality is a little more complicated. To get the most from masturbation with sex toys, it can help to bear in mind that the toys change the quality of the feelings associated with arousal and orgasm; it isn’t just a case of getting more of the same thing.

A lot of us will have got used through the years to concentrating stimulation on the upper inches of the shaft of the penis and the glans, or head. The technique works, it gets us pretty briskly to orgasm – so, job done. It’s when we want to prolong masturbation and delay orgasm that our hands might wander around to our balls, our perineum, between the anus and the base of the penis, and around our groin generally. It may be we’ve been introduced to techniques like these by an experienced partner giving us heavenly oral sex, and then we copy what he did.

When we press upwards on the perineum, we’re stimulating the prostate from outside. The feeling of our erection, the experience of arousal, can tend then to shift, to spread outwards from the head of the penis we’re used to dealing with. When we use butt plugs to masturbate with, we stimulate the prostate in a more intense way than by pressing from outside. Just how much will depend on the size of the butt plug, and on how long we spend masturbating.

If you’re not used to anal sex play, you might find that the most slender models of butt plugs deliver an intense experience. There are simple slim butt plugs to choose from which are designed with the shape of the colon in mind, so as to rock against the prostate. With slim toys, you might find there is a real need to clench them with the anus to keep them in place – and wearing a pair of undies can be useful in case they shoot out unexpectedly! Slender butt plugs can provide a real boost to masturbation without overwhelming the anal novice.

It can be a fine line between a butt plug that isn’t quite packing enough of a punch and a plug that all the pushing and shoving in the world is not going to get in there. One solution is to choose an inflatable butt plug, which can also be vibrating, so slipping the toy inside is easy, and then you can pump the toy up to intensify the pressure on your insides as much you want to.

Using an inflatable butt plug, you can inflate the toy only slightly, with two or three squeezes on the pump, and the sweet feeling then can really complement your sense of your erection. You might find you feel harder, but not necessarily; it might actually be you soften up a touch and the feeling becomes more passive and receptive, less as it would be if you were, say, banging the cutest boy’s bubble butt. It can be a more whole-body experience, and that can have an impact too on your orgasm, which might actually be less explosive – and again, a more whole-body experience. Well, you explore and see how it goes for you.

If you really inflate the butt plug inside you – and by the way, count the pumps then take a look later at how big it gets; it’s interesting – you can quickly develop incredibly intense prostate sensation. This, which is basically the experience of ‘anal orgasm’, can be a little disconcerting at first, because it’s happening without the anal stimulation and the thrusting you’d associate with it while being ‘done’. At this point, you can probably forget about your erection for a little while.

The focus of the whole experience shifts deep inside physically while mentally your whole brain lights up. Experiment with taking yourself to this point, then letting some of the air out and returning your attention your penis. Play around with these changes to prolong masturbation. By the time you let yourself come you should feel exercised; you’ll have had an adventure.