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Google Gay UN-Friendly again?

Google Gay UN-Friendly again?

In the UK the Warwick Rowers have been wonderful allies of the LGBTI community for years, using their good looks and athletic prowess to raise funds and awareness for LGBTI inclusivity with the sale of an annual nudy calendar.

This year however their fundraising efforts are being hampered from an unlikely source.

It would seem as if Google is not so gay friendly as they advertise and have pulled the Rowers’ latest clip promoting their 2017 calendar from YouTube suggesting it is pornographic and unsuitable for young people.

Been on YouTube lately? There’s far worse stuff there than a few Varsity rowers in their birthday suits.

It’s not the first time the group has been in dispute with Google. Several years ago the group was unceremoniously removed from Google’s Checkout payment platform on the grounds that they were pornographers. Despite an appeal from the Rowers, Google stuck to their guns and the decision was upheld at the time.

In a media statement the Rowers wrote:

“Today, in a similar vein, YouTube has decided that the rowers’ public awareness campaign aimed at promoting greater tolerance among young people is unsuitable for, uh, young people. Way to go, Google!

“Bizarrely, Google were a lot more relaxed only a few days ago when the Warwick Rowers reported that a Google user was illegally sharing their charity fundraising content. Google twice rejected the Warwick Rowers appeal for help, before shutting up shop for the weekend with the content still available, and did not manage to respond effectively until after the rowers threatened legal action against the corporation.

“And these are the guys who promise to do no evil,” commented one rower, saddened at seeing their hard work for charity being undermined by the massive corporation. “That’s not been our experience at all.”

** Source: GNN Network **