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Gunman Attack New York Gay Bar

Gunman Attack New York Gay Bar

Over in the USA at least one individual has been killed and three others injured after a gunman opened fire in a popular New York gay bar early Thursday morning.

According to local news network, News10, the authorities were called in early Thursday morning after shots were fired at The Rocks Bar, a popular gay venue in Albany, New York at about 2am.

Police learnt four people had sustained gunshot wounds and were injured, one of them, a gay man, fatally.

Police have said the attack ‘isn’t random’ and one person was seen being taken into custody.

TWC News says, “Because Rocks is a gay nightclub, Albany police want to reassure people that this was an isolated incident, and not a random attack on the bar or its patrons.”

“The one thing we want to let members of our community members know, especially the members of our LGBT community know that this is not a random act, this bar was not targeted for any specific reason,” said Steve Smith, a spokesperson for the Albany Police Department.