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Handling a bad date

You are on a date with a girl who your friends thought would be perfect for you – unfortunately you don’t share the same views!

Friends are always well-meaning (you think) but when it comes to being single and looking for love, they can do anything BUT find you queerlifedatingthe love of your life!

The hardest thing is actually explaining to them what you really want from a woman, because if you don’t you’re going to end up with a string of wasted experiences that could make you into a very cynical young lady indeed!

The first issue is the fact that the lesbian scene is so small – no matter where in the world you live. You are bound to be on a date with a girl who had a crush with your ex whilst she was seeing your sisters niece (or similar) – so there goes that one – the last thing you want is to be jumping into bed with someone who might actually be carrying some of your bodily fluids by osmosis anyway!

Dating services, as everyone knows, are generally appalling and a waste of time (although some swear by them for the odd one night stand!), ditto the internet and telephone dating.

So what can you do? Well, there isn’t a lot that will bring you the woman of the dreams – but you can help matters byt becoming super sociable, doing lots of activities and generally broadening your circle of friends. But the most important thing? Don’t look for it!

So many girls lurch from one crap fling to the next because they are desperate to have a girlfriend. By being happy with yourself, and establishing your independence you’ll attract the kind of women you want – and when it’s supposed to happen.

Most importantly – if you’re friends are setting you up with women who shouldn’t even be out on day release – be honest and tell them to stop meddling!