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Happenings, a Fab App

Happenings, a Fab App

Happenings, a Fab App. It all started with an idea. What if there is a way of having a single place that will link all the offerings and diversity of our community together? From this AppFab was born.

It is often difficult to find out what is happening in our community. Everybody will have their own Facebook page or website, and unless you know exactly where to go to find information changes are that you will miss events you would have liked to attend.

Think about how people navigate between various apps and websites. Recent research show that more people use mobile devices to connect to the internet compared with traditional desk top computers. Using your mobile device to make phone calls is also no longer 1 of the top 10 uses of a mobile device. This shows the importance of connecting with your audience via mobile and in most cases app functionality. People want instant access to information.

Our vision is to provide our community with a single platform with access to all the things we need and do. A place to find the latest news, places to stay, where the parties is, shop and connect with others in our chat rooms.

AppFab is an umbrella app that provide FREE listing to any LGBTI or LGBTI businesses, organisations and events. We invite anybody that would like to feature on the app to contact us. Listing is quick and easy. You provide your basic information and users can be redirected from your basic page, inside our app to your digital channels.


We also created our own chatrooms (FabPR) which will provide users with a range of themed rooms to choose from. We will not interrupt your chat with “pop up adds”, limit the amount of users you can see or ask for membership fees to unlock more functionality.

You can get appfab by following these easy steps:

  1. Download “happenings” from the app or play store.
  2. Your access code is appfab
  3. Register and start exploring

We hope that the app will have something for everybody and is excited about how AppFab will be able to be a holistic solution to our community We are also Proudly South African.

More information is available on our digital channels




AppFab. Family under 1 umbrella.