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Happy and Safe Gay Road Trip Tips

You’re probably itching for a vacation right now. Since we all had to miss our summer holidays due to COVID-19 restrictions, the safest way to travel during the pandemic is to have a fun road trip with friends. If you want to have a safe and happy gay road adventure, you need to pay attention to a few things. To avoid problems on the road, here’s how to organize and prepare for your next gay road trip. 

Research your destination

Before you even start with any other preparatory steps, it’s important to choose a destination and route that’s safe for LGBTQ folks. Unfortunately, not every country or state is friendly towards gay people, so it’s best to avoid these destinations. In order to check the situation in a country, it’s best to seek information online and browse LGBTQ blogs so you can get first-hand information. 

Plan rest stops

You will definitely need to take a few rest stops depending on the distance between your end destination and your home. Getting enough rest will keep you safer on the road and everyone in the car in a good mood, so don’t push yourself too hard. Before you embark, make sure to research a few places suitable for breaks. It’s best to opt for big gas stations, better roadside motels and other spots that are well-lit and have a lot of people—just to ensure extra safety. If you can, plan your stops at places that are suitable for picnics but also have all the amenities you might need to continue your trip. Also, ensure your route has safe roads.

Check your vehicle

Even though you’re organizing your road trip to have some wild fun with your squad, safety should always be your priority. Your car should be completely road-ready, so take it to the dealership or a garage and have it professionally examined. Make sure to have an oil change, brake test and tyre examination. Pay special attention to your tyres, especially before a winter road trip, since they are your only connection to the firm ground. If your wheels are worn down or cracked, it’s best to invest in new tyres for extra safety. New tyres will help you have a smoother and safer trip even in the snow, ice and rain. And no matter how uneducated you are when it comes to cars, you can find good tyres online by yourself to save money and time. 

Pack well

Packing is crucial for a successful road trip, so be smart. No matter where you’re heading, make sure to stock up on hand sanitizer and masks to stay safe. Snacks are also crucial and don’t be afraid to ruin your diet with some chips and Starbucks drinks. However, pack plenty of water and nutritious foods as well. All of these will come in handy for picnics along the way (together with blankets of course). 

For a perfect LGBTQ summer road trip, you also need some fancy wear. In winter, you can really dress up so pack one or two stylish essentials and you’ll all look runway- and Instagram-ready while exploring destinations along the way. Depending on where you’re going, you might even find some clubs or bars that are open, so something more provocative might be handy too. 

If you’re feeling sick, stay at home

If you or any of your travel companions are feeling under the weather, it’s best to stay at home, wait it out and get tested if you notice any symptoms. Infected people will only spread the illness around and definitely cut your adventure short. 

All trips where you’re surrounded by likeminded people are bound to be fun, but if you don’t plan your adventure well, you might be risking some mishaps along the way. However, with these tips in mind, your gay road trip will be nothing but smooth sailing filled with excitement, laughs and even romance!