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Some Homophobes Might Be gay

Some Homophobes Might Be gay

A recent study published in the American Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed many homophobes appear to also be same-sex attracted.

While the sample size of the study is extremely small (only 38 people were canvassed) it still raised some interesting questions about internalised homophobia.

Researchers asked participants to rate how homophobic they were on a scale from 1-10. Then the men were shown images of gay and straight porn and were tracked for how long they looked at each picture. The more homophobic a person had rated themselves, the longer they looked at the gay porn…

“For some homophobic men, there is a conflict between their reflective and their impulsive system,” researcher Boris Cheval told Mic. “They declare themselves as anti-gay, but [at] the same time they have an impulsive attraction toward same-sex stimuli.”