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How Much Sex Are You Supposed to Have According to Experts

How Much Sex Are You Supposed to Have According to Experts

cover illustration by Oli Raptor

First things first – how does an expert establish the amount of sex needed for happiness and who makes their target audience? Sexuality is a pretty individual thing as is the need to have sex. All queer relationships are different and – to hit an estimate and establish the number of sexual encounters per hour, day, week, month or a year – one would have to lead a very thorough analysis based on thousands and thousands of candidates/patients. So, we feel that relying on numbers provided by the experts in this case isn’t a really solid base for anything.

Relationships and sex

These days… you can’t even be sure if you are in a relationship or not. Everyone’s with everyone, and apparently – everyone’s cool with the weirdness of it. When you think about it, in such a climate, it’s hard enough finding a cuddle-buddy, let alone a good relationship with plenty of sex to enjoy. 

But then – are we asking for too much? Both love AND sex? No, we’re not. Although, it does make you wonder – how much sex is enough to stay healthy and happy? Giving a definite answer that applies to all is never easy. While some have bigger sexual appetites, others tend to enjoy sex sporadically and focus on other things in a relationship.

In reading through expert analysis, here’s what we’ve gathered: 

Always practice safe sex

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, there’s always a chance that you might contract something through an intercourse. Either use condoms, which often diminish the pleasure (but they do keep you safe!) or go with PrEP. Even then, don’t expect that you’ll be 100% protected. After all, there’s always a possibility of something lurking but with the right protection, chances to catch something are significantly lowered. Staying safe means that you can have more sex worry-free and that you can enjoy yourselves no matter what. 

An active sex life is healthy

Keep being busy as it will help you stay healthy and more resistant to certain illnesses. Now, this doesn’t mean you should hit at it bunny-style (actually, why not!) but simply enjoy everything about your sexcapades. Sex increases dopamine levels, serotonin levels, it improves the quality of your sleep and your overall health. Further, through sweating during sex you are losing weight and your skin gets detoxified and smooth. Awesome, right? However, quantity doesn’t equal quality. Make sure that you are making love with passion, not just going at it like maniacs just for the sake of it. It should be lovely, passionate, tingling and unforgettable each and every time.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Over time, you’ll probably start feeling like the spark is gone even though it might be just a temporary glitch. It’s natural – everyone goes through that phase, but those who get out of it alive are those who have reacted just in time to prevent the damage. In order to keep the passion alive in the bedroom and have some amazing mind-blowing sex, don’t shy away from relying on vibrators for women. There are plenty to choose from, and you will always find a few which will add that extra buzz to the relationship and make sex feel great. Choosing a vibrator together is also lots of fun, and it could get the juices flowing easily for any woman, no matter what her sexuality is. You know how we are – get us excited about something visually, and we’ll go nuts!

Are numbers to be believed?

According to some experts, you should have sex at least once a month in order to prevent developing any health issues. Once your juices get flowing and your whole body gets aroused, you should immediately feel better and more alive. Other experts are talking about at least three to four times a month, while there are also those who are advocates of sex consumed at least three times a week.  Again, we’re hitting a blind spot – research can’t be sure how much is enough. Sex is an individual desire practiced by the parties involved in a relationship. What we do know, though, is to take advantage of an opportunity whenever you can (as long as it’s with your partner and mutually desired).