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How To Be A Great Top

How To Be A Great Top

Screwing a guy should be as much about giving him pleasure, as getting it for yourself.

One thing that you can do to enhance your partner’s pleasure is to use longer strokes. A lot of guys tend to slip their ‘member’ inside their partner, and just use quick short strokes. Boring.

If you’re a guy with a sizable endowment (congratulations), or a guy with a partner that doesn’t get screwed too often and is really tight, there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier for him.

One is to first loosen him up. You can rim him or you can finger him. Select a lube that you prefer if you’re going to finger him. Work a single finger up his butt and see how he reacts, then try two, if you’re feeling adventurous and so is he, try three. Don’t move the fingers in and out too much, let your partner get used to idea of having something inside of him.

Once he feels comfortable, try slipping just your head inside of him. As you feel it slip in then stop and hold it there for a while. As your partner adjusts push in a little more. If you see your partner wince then stop and hold it there, pull out just a little if he needs you to.

This way you should eventually be able to get most if not all of your ‘member’ inside of him. Once you do, use long strokes for the maximum amount of pleasure. Try not to pull completely out of him while screwing. That can cause air to get packed inside your partner’s bum which can lead to some rather embarrassing results. Though slipping the head in and out of your partner’s butt can be a wonderful way to tease him.

Don’t forget about your partner’s ‘member’ while screwing him. If his ‘member’ is accessible play with it, it can also be fun to slap his bum playfully while doing him.

Screwing can get pretty routine. If you’re used to one or two positions only, we urge you to try new ones. Encourage your partner to try new ways. Also try different locations, other than your bedroom or bed. Have you ever been on a secluded country road and bent your partner over the hood of a car while screwing him? On the balcony of your house/apartment? In a sex club or in a hot tub? Have you ever done it on a hillside while overlooking a beautiful view, or on a beach on a starry night? You can try different places around your house too. As popular a stereotype as it may be – we don’t recommend airoplane lavatories, they are usually way too cramped, and if you think the flight attendants won’t notice? – well, don’t be surprised if they offer you a cigarette after you come out.

When it comes to lubes there is a wide variety of choices that are available to you. Everything from spit to tons of commercial brands. We’re not too fond of commercial sex lubricants. They tend to get too sticky, or they dry up, or they can be way too slick, or they are a big pain to clean up. One lube that gets overlooked quite often is a good water based hand and body lotion.

We prefer lotion because there is a lot less stuff to clean up, they tend to absorb somewhat (where sex lubes do not), and they provide just enough lubrication to make things comfortable, and not so much that you feel like you’re screwing a moist rag.

Creativity is the most important thing here.