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How To Be A Power Bottom

We feel that even though the top does all the bumping and the grinding, it’s the bottom that really has all the work.

To start off with, you need to decide if it’s a good day/night/time to get screwed. Everybody hates messes, because they can be unpleasant and embarrassing. If you know that there’s a possibility that you’re going to get screwed that evening. It’s a good idea to use the appropriate facilities and ‘purge’ yourself before starting that evening’s adventures. We’re not talking about douches or enemas or anything like that (though if that’s your cup of tea, by all means go ahead – quite a few guys do). We’re talking about taking a good long hard crap, and then showering and making sure you are thoroughly clean “down there”.

You can also use a handheld showerhead to “flush-out” your lower colon. Unscrew the hose from the showerhead and turn on the water (not full power) and run the water until it is lukewarm or comfortable to the skin. Place the hose near your butt hole and press it forward until you feel the stream of water penetrate you. Let it fill you up for 2 to 3 seconds. Step out from the shower so you can sit on the toilet and release. Repeat this a couple of times if necessary.

Another piece of prep work you can do, is to properly moisturize down there using a water based hand/body lotion.

Size does make a difference boys, and especially thickness – though often length makes up for girth.

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be with a “date” that’s rather sizably endowed, look at it as a challenge. We recommend starting with a position where he is on his back and you sit down on top of him. This is usually the easiest way for you to get used to a ‘member’ inside of you, and especially one that is larger than what you’re normally used to. It also allows you to have complete control over how much goes inside you. Once you’re used to him, you can try all the different positions under the sun.

This position also works for those who are inexperienced, and have never been screwed, or haven’t been screwed too often. If it truly is your first time “getting it” then we have a tip to offer you – as his ‘member’ is working its way inside of you, push against it with your bum like your taking a dump. Fight the urge to clamp your ass shut, because then it will start to hurt.

If you are quick to shoot while getting screwed and it often cuts the whole experience short, then we have a special position for you. It’s getting screwed on your stomach with your legs closed.

This accomplishes two things – it keeps your hand and his hand away from your ‘member” so that you can “enjoy the ride” and it allows you to squeeze the cheeks of your butt together making your ass a lot tighter for your partner.

No top likes to screw a loose ass. It’s also a good position if you’re with a guy that just doesn’t seem to be able to cum and you’re ready to end the party in a hurry.

On the subject of keeping your ass tight. If you’ve been screwed before you’re familiar with that ‘loose’ feeling you get afterwards. A helpful tip is to ‘exercise’ your bum – squeeze the cheeks of your ass together a couple of times when you’re sitting down, or standing. Also try to learn how to get more control over the muscles in your butt, so that you can relax your hole when you need to, and tighten it up when you want to.

Be an aggressive bottom – don’t just lay there – if your partner doesn’t seem to take the initiative – then take it yourself. Make him use different positions. Tell him how you want him to screw you, fast or slow. Tell him you want him to stroke your ‘member’ etc. etc.

After all, you are the one that’s really in control here – you decide when the fun starts and when it ends. Use your imagination, and have him do you the way you want to be done.